Leadership for personalised care framework

We have developed a framework to describe what we mean when we talk about leadership for personalised care. It should help you understand the qualities and behaviours that are needed. It includes what to focus on yourself and what to encourage in others to achieve a system-wide shift toward personalised care.

The framework groups leadership for personalised care qualities into four themes. Each theme includes generic systems leadership behaviours which were developed by the NHS Leadership Academy, but adds additional qualities specific to leadership for personalised care.

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The themes are:

Being – how you show up as a leader with authenticity, which matters both to the people we work with and people who use services.

Relating and Communicating – how you engage with people outside your immediate circle, people at all levels and in organisations beyond health and social care, including local residents and community groups.

Leading and Visioning – how you tell a story of the future and bring people together with a positive shared vision, hosting or convening others rather than directing or telling from ‘the top’.

Delivering – how you remove barriers to change and empower others to make change happen, showing resilience and bringing together collective intelligence.

Find out more about the framework through our free bitesize programme or our in-depth development programmes.

The course emphasised the need for leaders to work collaboratively with people and communities
Hannah Sanders, Hertfordshire County Council
The programme has helped me bring ideas through the development stage to reality in my location— and to be a better leader in ever changing circumstances
Ellenor Gray, YOU Trust